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Born in London 1969

Studied art, technical drawing, graphic design and interior design

Continuing studies to this day and specifically learning about:

Regenerative Design, Community Building, Wildlife Restoration and Protection, Holistic Farming, Inclusion and Dialogue Building, Nature-Centric and Human Focused Design and Living, Zero/Less Waste Practices ...

Moved to Turkey in 1990

1990 - 2006

Resided South coast town of Kas.

Spatial Design and Implementation (As director of Design & Construction at Tandem LTD)

Painted and exhibited at The Studio (A collaborative Art Space)

Organised and contributed to street exhibitions and charity art auctions.

Became a mother to two.

Became engulfed in work to be able to ignore the unstoppable ecocide that goes on every day all around us.

2006- 2011

Resided Antalya.

Kaş and Antalya based Design Projects.

In house Designer for Joy Group 

Designer with Okan Yantac Mimarlik

Sold virtually all paintings from my studio in that time, some of my works now live in places like London, San Francisco, Copenhagen, New York and Cologne.

2011 - 2017

Resided Istanbul.

Completion of various Kaş and Istanbul design projects.

Lots more painting :)

Became mother to third.

Became aware of the fact our damage to the planet is now irrevocable.

2017 -

Resides Şile, Istanbul and Kaş

Continued work:

Eco - Design houses to be built in Şile


Custom Design for presently 7 different projects in Kaş 

Custom Art and Illustartion for various projects

Painting commission (100 x 100cm size mix media painting on canvas sent to Sweden)

Preparing to Exhibit art....


Founder of Multitude Of Ones

Co-Founder of SUDA (Sustainable Urban & Rural Development Association and Platform)

Co-Founder of Cooking Up Dialogue

Founder and/or admin of various online groups

Workshop Facilitation & Talks:

Online sessions on community, inclusion and eco consciousness.

Also you will find me in my garden:

Collecting snails and seed, and dreaming ...

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