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On this page are links to some of my other work.

These projects naturally interweave with my Art and Design work.


An Artist and Designer doesn't stop at the edge of the canvas or the building plot.

Multitude Of Ones:

The site/blog where I ponder things like cultural change, regenerative practices and conscious evolution.

We can look at ways to design and build eco practices into your life, home, school, community or your company.


I believe in supporting each other to discover optimum ways to embrace sustainable living practices.

For talks, consulting & workshops

Cooking Up Dialogue

How would inclusion, effective dialogue skills and council / circle methods help you in your one to one relationships, your community and your work life or the board room?

This project facilitates exactly that!



What about urban and regional scale regenerative solutions and development?

I am a founding member of the
Sustainable Urban & Rural Development
Association and Platform
which asks exactly these questions, and implements the solutions.

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