Complete Project Design


Including concept and feasibility. 

Over 55000m2 of land with approximately 50 houses and a small hotel, spa, fitness and sports areas, market area, organic farm, olive press, restaurant and cafe, shops (for produce) workshops for arts and crafts, market area, squares and meeting places and spiritual space.


While painting the Suzani I contemplated the creative process of the person who made it years ago. Then I layered Istanbul and the Suzani together. The view is from Emirgan.


Recent work from my studio

Bubble Girl 

The place is Turkey, Kaş and on the horizon is the Greek Island Kastellorizo.

Tragically this place has witnessed many burst bubbles of late; dreams, hopes and lives perished in the seas or are the victim of a cronic lack of empathy and unity.


on the easel....



Recent pages from my sketch books

George of Felixstowe, over 90 years old gave me one of his little paintings and in return I gave him this sketch of mine... RIP George and thank you. Art as a gift is always very precious.


Life Drawing in Istanbul - 5 min sketch