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I thrive on the process.

By creating visual images I feel I become a collaborator and connected party rather than simply an observer of life.

Recently my preferred medium is acrylic paint on canvas for the immediacy and vibrancy. When brush stokes are almost random I find them to be invigorating, just indicating form while giving a more precise indication of the painters mood, yet depiction of intricacy has a calming effect so I like to combine both on the canvas.


I find the urban world alienating enough without adding further to it so my art is not intended to be complicated. However some ambiguity allows the viewer to imprint their own interpretation;

a line of trees are both a fence that protects and bars of restraint,

the providence of a mighty forest or the woods that we are lost in.


My recent paintings are my exploration of the Layers of our human experience; layers of our conscious and subconscious, truth and lies, hope and despair all present together in our any instant and an expression that life and the world is more than just what we see.

I perceive human insignificance as a liberation that frees me to simply do what I love in the hope that this will accumulate with all the similar acts that together may all add up to something.