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Magazine articles featuring villas that I custom designed and built.

Blog Articles about ART and Design



Regenerative Space

Designing and creating regenerative space,

and why we must!

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Art, what is it good for?

Art is often perceived as an activity that a few partake in, a very few make money from and merely a sprinkling are famous for. So let’s dig a bit deeper:


Ethical Space


Where is the community and the interaction, where is the giving back and why the false hood that it is not profitable to be sustainable?



Conscious Valentines

Be creative and make special occasions eco-conscious and extra special.

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Aspiration to acquire is one heck of a peculiar thing; on Galip Dede Street to the Galata Tower I feel the insatiable inclination to buy, or at least touch, one of those shiny musical instrument on display.


Fixing with Art

Sign Fix

First of all become aware of your surroundings and see if there are things that annoy you, don't let subliminal irritations eat at you. Then figure out what you can do about it.

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