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Would you like to:

Live in a Custom Designed Space?



I design individual homes, larger scale community sized projects, retail space and all kinds.

I can can also provide consultation services or contribute to team work. 

Own an Eco-Built home?


Eco -Life in Şile

We are building nature conscious truly live-able homes in Sahilköy, Şile, Istanbul.

The land suggests we tread lightly here and that is exactly what we are doing, join us?

Buy or Commission Art?

Egret and Suzani Tree.jpg


You can buy one of my art works or commission me to do something especially for you or your organisation. 


If you'd like to

buy a

digital download of a print,

you can either

RegenPersonColourP1 - WM.jpg

Or you can pop over to my Etsy Store and buy from there

Sw bw1.jpg

I can also help you imagine, design and build eco & sense making practices into your life and work.
Maybe you need Zero Waste Tips for your workplace, school or community?
Or you want to review the Sustainability Approach and Targets of your Corporation or enterprise?
Or maybe you are a local council, a CSO or any other form of organisation
and you'd like to share a brain storming session?

Now is the time to make very good choices.


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