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"More important than a work of art itself is what it will sow.

Art can die, a painting can disappear.

What counts is the seed" 

Joan Miro 

Art as a way to reach hearts and minds about things that matter.

Here I integrated nature's wisdom with the learning from

a wonderful course called the 'Regenerator's Journey'

The course was run by Jenny Andersson and Laura Storm, the image is available on my Etsy Shop.

This Autumn you can join a course hosted by Jenny Andersson called the Power of Place, I'll be there!

Laura Storm and Giles Hutchins (see below) co authored a book called Regenerative Leadership, all the best people are reading it!

RegenPersonColourP1 - WM.jpg
Springwood 600_kZshrunkWM.jpg

Art as a way to reconnect us to nature and to things that matter.

Wildlife matters and we can learn so much from it and by immersing ourselves in nature.

This drawing is one I did to help facilitate such an immersive journey through  a place in England called Springwood.

This was created through a collaborative process with Giles Hutchins, the image is available on my Etsy Shop.

Retreats and learning about Regenerative Leadership in these woods can be booked here.

Art For Change

1 Step at a Time

This is a new collaborative project on Instagram.

We started our first project on Autism Acceptance using prompt words to inspire people to make art and share with the hashtags.

Our next projects are about Wildlife Awareness and Women's Rights.

Contact us

If you want to suggest projects or in any way collaborate with

Art For Change 1 Step at a Time!


Art For


This was back in the day. 2005 I think, and shows one of the Art events that I organised to benefit the local schools.

I am looking to combine art with community building and resilience projects. 

Contact me if you are too!

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