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Custom Design


We can work together to create the perfect design for you and your space


A design in progress

This house with guest house and pools is presently emerging. 

My services include the entire spatial concept, materials selection and the consultation during the construction through to completion.

If you buy a house from us

at the planning and building stages than we can custom design to suit you!


Designing great space is about asking great questions:

What does the space want from us? What do we need from this place? What potential is waiting to arise?

Here is my article with tips on 'Designing and Creating Regenerative (public) Space'

Spatial Design

I love spatial design because it provides the possibility to work with multiple disciplines and craftsmen and create spaces for every need, mood and time.

Several of the properties that I designed and built featured in national and international magazines which is great, and it's even better when I hear of how the places that I dreamt up are truly lived in and appreciated.

More than an ergonomic abode and framed views, I design to lift the spirit of the user and the beholder, and I ask the land what it wants from us.

I refer to my design work specifically as 'spatial" rather than 'architectural', 'landscape' or 'interior' as the work I do encompasses all of these.


Things said about villas that I designed and built:

"The architectural design is brilliant, elegant in a timeless way"

"We travel around the world with my family and have to say this was the most amazing villa we have ever seen"

"The lay-out of the villa is very carefully thought-out, the spaces flow easily and yet all the bedrooms feel private" 

"This house pulls off the trick of being both visually impressive and completely homely at the same time"


I have immense gratitude to all my previous and future clients for providing me with the chance to design and build such places and I'm proud that clients and subsequent owners continue to enjoy them.


A prolific time for spatial design and building work was 

between 1996 and 2008 when I lived in Kaş, 

south Turkey

Edited Image 2015-7-28-17:8:35

Projects completed then: (approximately)

65 Villas with 47 pools.​

3 Boutique Hotels.

8 Blocks with

56 Apartments.

13 Commercial Properties.

15 Beach Landings.

 A total of over 40,000m2 of construction upon 60,000m2 of land.

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