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Illustrations &

Peace maker
Protect the Innocent
The Protector
Story From Future1
Jackal Story 6
The Tree Story (Tales from The Earth)
Jackal Story 4
Jackal Story 5
Jackal Story Sketch
Free Palestine
Seagull Woman
Cease Fire

The following graphics were commissioned by Jenny Anderson at Really regenerative CIC

Acu Points Systems Flows.jpg
CCCL Possibly Finished1.jpg
PoP. Pentagon
PoP Weave 3 Pathways
PoP. The Ground ALL
Pop Undertow
Whats is your Red Thread
PoP. Living Systems
PoP. Law of Three 1 Water
Dancing With Complexity
Paradigm Shift Valley Bridge
Convergence,Divergence, Emergence x2
Healers Dot Joiners
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